We at ECT provide our customers both with a wide spectrum of end-to-end solutions for many voice and multimedia value-added services as well as an open, programmable platform.

Our core technology is the ECTXML® programming language, an extension of the recognized standards for interactive voice response, VoiceXML and CCXML. In the process of realizing diverse value-added services over the last ten years, we have continually enhanced ECTXML® and proven its qualities at major carriers worldwide where the programming language is used for the realization of many services, including among others advertising ring back, multimedia ring back, network-based contact centers, number translation services, interactive voice and multimedia response, number portability, prepaid, televoting, virtual PBX & IP centrex, virtual private networks, and ring back tone service The intention behind this approach is to ensure the particular suitability of the ECTXML® programming language for creating complex value-added services and to demonstrate this in the field with commercially successful installations.


We are able to pursue our multi-product approach thanks to our modular software architecture. This also allows us to realize the full potential of the ECTXML® programming language. In more than 200 installations of our technology worldwide, leading network operators are offering extremely diverse services using the same product modules, so-called ECTXML® Service Enablers and Building Blocks. These software modules are continuously reused and further developed. On this basis, we are able to create new applications with a wide range of market-orientated features quickly and cost-effectively, while also preserving a high level of stability.


We are now opening the ECTXML® programming language to third parties and shall be providing a complete service creation and programming environment. In the near future, we will launch a new web site at this URL dedicated to our programming language ECTXML®.


If you would like to be informed when our new site is online, please contact us by e-mail, or you can join us on Twitter